[Live-demo] Submit New Project - MapIgniter2

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 12:22:19 PST 2015

<resending - seems my last email was too big>

Hi Bob,
I like your "Rookie" idea for OSGeo-Live. Something similar to the 
"Debian Unstable release".
I also suspect it would be reasonably easy to implement a 
OSGeo-Live-Bleeding-Edge, which will accept almost any project prepared 
to join.

Maybe this is something we can consider for the next release.

On 1/12/2015 4:14 am, Basques, Bob (CI-StPaul) wrote:
> All,
> What about indexing project on the OSGeo-Live based on age of the 
> product?  We could for example have a “Rookie” project classification 
> where users know that it’s a new project and still entertaining new 
> ideas and such from the user base.  this would be an excellent way to 
> separate out the different classes of project maturity wise while 
> still embracing the idea of presenting new projects as they become 
> available.  The checklist for inclusion for a “rookie” project could 
> be very slight compared to a full on interrogation of their processes.
> I would personally prefer to include something like this on OSGeo-Live 
> itself, but it could also become a separate class of OSGe0-Live that 
> lives on it’s own.  Maybe a sub installer for the OSGeo-Live itself.
> bobb

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