[Live-demo] [OSGeo] #1761: Xenial version of usb-creator fails to create a live usb key

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#1761: Xenial version of usb-creator fails to create a live usb key
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Comment (by kalxas):

 When building a live iso using the usb-creator from Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty or
 Wily, the usb key prompts for a boot option (due to not matching syslinux
 version) as described here:


 After entering "live", the system boots without issues. Then (as described
 in the above link) one can install the proper syslinux version in the usb
 and the error message never appears again.

 I have also ported usb-creator 0.2.67 to Xenial in order to try if that
 would work as expected:


 Still, it is needed to enter "live" in order to boot properly.

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