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#1765: Desktop image attribution
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 As discussed tonight during the weekly meeting, the default desktop
 artwork contains OSM data. There is a "fair use" attribution to
 "OpenStreetMap" in the bottom center of the wallpaper.

 According to the OSM copyright page, this attribution is not proper and
 should include "© OpenStreetMap contributors".


 However, according to the OSM legal FAQ, the artwork can be considered a
 "Produced Work".


 3c. If I make something with OSM data, do I now have to apply your license
 to my whole work?

 No. For example, if you have written a game or published an artistic map
 which includes OSM data, only the data is covered by the license. This is
 called a Produced Work.

 However, if you make a database which includes OSM data and any additional
 information (including using information to decide on OSM features NOT to
 include in your database), then this would be classed as a "derivative
 database" and should be made available under the Open Database License as
 in 3b above.

 There is a more proper attribution now added in the welcome screen:


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