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#1717: GeoMoose fails to start in Xenial due to PHP7
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Comment (by jimk):

 This discussion has aready started in our pull request to update to
 GeoMoose 2.9 https://github.com/OSGeo/OSGeoLive/pull/110

 In discussing with other members of the GeoMoose project, we could
 reasonably update our PHP code to work with PHP 7, but the lack of PHP
 !MapScript is a complete show stopper.

 We are looking at moving from PHP and !MapScript in the future in favor of
 using a more OGC service centric approach, but that development effort is
 a year out at best.  And redeveloping our entire demo service stack in a
 different language or not using !MapScript would be a significant effort
 and cause unacceptable API breakage in the short term.
 So barring other breakthroughs, the answer from the GeoMoose project is
 for the reasonable future we depend on !MapScript.  I see two potential
 paths forward:

 1. !MapScript is updated to work with PHP 7 in a way that doesn't
 significantly change the API.
 2. PHP 5 along with !MapScript is installed from PPA next to or instead of
 PHP 7 on OSGeoLive

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