[Live-demo] OSGeo-Live team needs help: Someone who looks after OSM data, tools and writes documentation is needed

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Sat Jun 11 04:06:11 PDT 2016

Hello OSM enthusiasts,

this is a mail from the OSGeo-Live team [1]. OSGeo-Live is a linux based 
distribution of open source geospatial software which is handed out at 
conferences around the world, and used as the foundation for open source 
geospatial training courses.

We use OSGeo-Live to teach enthusiasts how to create geospatial data 
with free tools.

At the moment, we include an extract of OSM data, and how to use Mapnik, 
but we'd love to be doing a better job of promoting OSM which in turn 
should attract motivated geospatial people into the OSM community.

The catch is that we need some help understanding OSM tools, and keeping 
these tools and docs up to date, which is where you (the OSM community) 
comes in.

We are hoping to find one or two people who can help us write 
Application Overview [2] and 10-15 min Quickstart docs, and act as a 
point of contact to advise on OSM as we build each release.

This is what we are looking for. Are you interested to help? It could be 
a single person or a team. And the OSGeo-Live team is also supporting, 
when help is needed.

This is what you have to do - don't worry, it should not be too much 
work ;)
* provide the up-to-date software every half a year when a new version 
of OSGeo-Live is coming out
* check the documentation (Overview and Quickstart)  -> is there 
anything to update
* provide new up-to-date OSM data (f.e. for version 10.0 we will provide 
data from Bonn where FOSS4G 2016 will be in august)
* provide a quickstart (tutorial to help people to get to know OSM and 
make the first steps) - this quickstart does not exist at the moment and 
has to be written
* OSM covers data and OSM tools (like JOSM) which are not documented yet
** we only have a documentation for Mapnik 

Are you interested? If yes - please let us know. (subscribe to the 
OSGeo-Live (Live-demo) mailing list [4] or write to 
astrid_emde at osgeo.org)


Astrid from OSGeo-Live PSC

[1] http://live.osgeo.org
[2] OSM Overview 
[3] OSGeo-Live Dokumentation in the OSGeo wiki 
[4] Live-demo mailing list 

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