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#1634: PostGIS Quickstart needs updating
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 It looks like you guys never had much on the overview page anyway except
 the version number.


 So given that I would just update the version to 2.2.1 .

 The quick starter guide on the other hand needs some work.


 1)  It is using ST_Distance_Sphere which got deprecated in 2.2.0 and will
 removed in the future.
 That should be changed to ST_DistanceSphere.

 2) The QGIS images are a bit out of date.  For example I think PostGIS
 Manager got renamed to DB Manager and got more encompassing to satisfy
 SpatialIte too.

 I'm a bit strapped for time this month, but if you are not in too much of
 rush, I could spruce up the quick start next month and send a pull


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 From: Cameron Shorter [mailto:cameron.shorter@]
 Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2016 6:12 AM
 To: Regina Obe
 Subject: Re: Any features added to postgis between versions 2.1.3 and
 worth mentioning in the Project Overview?

 Hey guys,
 Any chance one of you could take a crack at fixing up the Project Overview
 (or tell me there is nothing to do).

 Cheers, Cameron

 On 1/03/2016 8:39 am, Cameron Shorter wrote:
 > Hi Regina, Brian, Barry,
 > Sounds like a doc update is in order?
 > Would one of you mind updating the Project Overview, create a git pull
 > request, and then I'll review.
 > Are there any updates required for the Quickstart?
 > Warm regards, Cameron
 > On 29/02/2016 11:54 pm, Regina Obe wrote:
 >> Key features in PostGIS 2.2 are
 >> 1)  KNN now supported for geography and 3D geometries.
 >> Prior versions only supported for 2D geometry.
 >> 2) KNN true-distance functionality for PostgreSQL 9.5.  This is for
 >> all KNN including the new 3D and geography. Does OSGeo live have 9.5?
 >> What this means is the distance returned by the spatial index KNN
 >> operators is the actual distance and not the bounding box  or
 >> bounding box centroid distance Of prior versions.
 >> 3) Ability to build raster overviews in the database without having
 >> to rely on raster2pgsql.  Means you can have overviews without
 >> reloading your raster data.
 >> 4) Tiger geocoder upgraded to support Tiger 2015
 >> 5) New extensions address_standardizer (not sure if you have
 >> postgis_sfcgal packaged, but that became an extension in PostGIS 2.2)
 >> 6) Lots of other neat functions noted in the release notes
 >> http://postgis.net/2015/10/07/postgis-2.2.0/

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