[Live-demo] Motion: merge GSoC-2015 PR

Johan Van de Wauw johan.vandewauw at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 14:37:05 PST 2016

First of all,

I want to thank both Massimo and Cameron for their work on these
notebooks (and OSGeo live in general). They are a nice introduction to
many of the tools on OSGeo live. I've started reading through some of
the notebooks (and I proposed some fixes and improvements [1]).I
really think it is a valuable addition to OSGeo live.

Just before his list of comments Cameron states "the initial user
experience when looking at notebooks is close, but is yet to meet our
OSGeo-Live presentation standards". I actually think this is a
compliment given the high standards of OSGeo live documentation,
created by an enormous group of people over different years.

In his comments, Cameron raises some valid points, and I think that
the experience can still be improved with some minor tweaks: if you
get to the TOC now without knowing jupyter you are still somewhat
lost. A short intro on how to use it would be great. Eg to run this
block of code, press shift+enter.

This being said, the few notebooks I ran (GDAL, GDAL python and OSSIM)
were very nice and in their current shape a good addition to OSGeo
live. I'm +1 on adding them as a project on the live DVD.

For a next release, I think we can integrate more with the rest of the
documentation. Exposing them now is probably the best way to get more
people to contribute to them.

[1] https://github.com/johanvdw/OSGeoLive-Notebooks/tree/osgeolive

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