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Thu Mar 10 16:01:50 PST 2016

Thanks Johan,

I really appreciated the feedback and the testing!

I also hope more people will be nterested in contributing to those noteboks.

the attempt to release everything for 9.5 failed .. it failed becose I'm
I'm sure that with a group of dev we can have every issuesorted out in a
very short time.

My aim is to develop valid educational material with rich documentation and
linking all togethere (not a showcase from sw project, which also make
sense and is needed, but is not my target).

Inspiration to write a novel notebook? Just go on gis stack exchange chose
an hard common task that people struggle with ... and develop an OSGeo
notebook to solve the problem.

Answer to the stack exchange pointing to a link that refers to the
osgeolive notebook .. and I'm sure it will have an impact on the general
GIS users.

Thanks a lot for the feedback again :)

The link when the OSGeo user start the notebook serer should open the
browser and point to the  "notebook dashboard" linking to the TOC:


in the short TOC there is an introduction to the usage of the notebook:


which point to "shift+enter" kind of stuff ...

anyone who want be involved in this develpment,
please partecipate to the motion for the notebook evaluation.

is a long way to go ... but i'm sure you will enjoy the trip...

On 10 Mar 2016 18:09, "Johan Van de Wauw" <johan.vandewauw at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 11:37 PM, Johan Van de Wauw
> <johan.vandewauw at gmail.com> wrote:
> > This being said, the few notebooks I ran (GDAL, GDAL python and OSSIM)
> > were very nice and in their current shape a good addition to OSGeo
> > live. I'm +1 on adding them as a project on the live DVD.
> After checking the other notebooks, I'm revising:  -1 on adding all of
> them. +1 on adding the three ones mentioned above which are really
> good. Quality over quantity.
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