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Mon Mar 14 12:40:32 PDT 2016

#1645: Rasdaman not installed on 32 bit system
 Reporter:  kalxas   |      Owner:  live-demo@…
     Type:  defect   |     Status:  new
 Priority:  blocker  |  Milestone:  OSGeoLive9.5
Component:  LiveDVD  |   Keywords:
 Unfortunately we failed to test the new rasdaman installer on 32 bit
 environment. It seems that the installer did not have the i386 binaries
 until now.

 Alex Dumitru is working to provide the 32 bit binaries ASAP.
 Hopefully we can fix this in RC2 (at least for the 32 bit iso).

 Starting "install_rasdaman.sh" ...
 --2016-03-14 12:42:17--  http://download.rasdaman.org/installer/install.sh
 Resolving download.rasdaman.org (download.rasdaman.org)...
 Connecting to download.rasdaman.org
 (download.rasdaman.org)||:80... connected.
 HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
 Length: 8871 (8.7K) [text/x-sh]
 Saving to: 'install.sh'

      0K ........                                              100%

 2016-03-14 12:42:17 (8.25 MB/s) - 'install.sh' saved [8871/8871]

 Checking if installer needs to update...
 Installer is at latest version.
 Strategy building is handled by the General Strategy Builder.
 Review the installation settings:
 Installation path: /opt/rasdaman/
 Version: master
 Update: False
 User: user
 Debug: False
 Communication protocol: rasnet
 Database type: sqlite
   Database data directory: /opt/rasdaman/data/
 Rasdaman binary:
 Petascope enabled: True
   Petascope database url: jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/petascopedb
   Petascope database user: user
   Petascope server type: tomcat
   Tomcat home: /var/lib/tomcat7/
 Secore enabled: True
 Run systemtest: False
 Rasdaman demo data: False
 Petascope demo data: False
 Validating system...
 Cleaning up any old rasdaman files...
 Old rasdaman files cleaned up successfully.
 System was validated.
 Installing third party dependencies...
 Checking user user....
 User user checked successfully.
 Creating directory structure...
 Directory structure created successfully.
 Installing deb packages ['make', 'zlib1g', 'zlib1g-dev', 'automake',
 'autotools-dev', 'libtool', 'm4', 'gawk', 'bison', 'flex', 'git-core',
 'g++', 'libncurses5-dev', 'libtiff-dev', 'libgdal-dev', 'gdal-bin',
 'libnetpbm10-dev', 'libjpeg-dev', 'libpng-dev', 'libffi-dev',
 'postgresql', 'postgresql-contrib', 'libedit-dev', 'libecpg-dev',
 'libsqlite-dev', 'sqlite3', 'python-dateutil', 'python-lxml', 'python-
 pip', 'python-gdal', 'libboost-all-dev', 'openjdk-7-jdk', 'python-pip',
 'unzip', 'tomcat7']... 
 Deb packages installed successfully
 Installing pip packages ['glob2']... 
 Pip packages installed successfully
 Setting up the PATH environment variable...
 The PATH environment variable was set up successfully.
 Adding the current user to tomcat user group...
 User user added to tomcat user group successfully.
 Increasing tomcat memory limit...
 Tomcat memory increased succesfully.
 Third party dependencies installed successfully.
 Retrieving rasdaman...
 Rasdaman retrieved successfully
 Building rasdaman...
 Downloading and installing rasdaman binaries...
 Downloaded and installed rasdaman binaries successfully
 Downloading and deploying petascope war...
 Downloaded and installed petascope war...
 Downloading and deploying secore war...
 Downloaded and installed secore war...
 Rasdaman was built successfully.
 Preparing rasdaman...
 Preparing Rasdaman SQLite database...
 An error has occured while executing this command:
 /opt/rasdaman//bin/create_db.sh. We collected the following information:
 Return code: 1
 Stderr: create_db.sh: Error: cannot find rasdl - PATH variable does not
 contain rasdaman path?

 Stdout:create_db.sh: Creating database, rasdaman v9.2 on base DBMS sqlite
 /opt/rasdaman//bin/create_db.sh: line 79: /opt/rasdaman/bin/rasdl: cannot
 execute binary file: Exec format error

 ERROR: The installer returned an error code. The installation might not be
 rasdaman: unrecognized service
  * Stopping Tomcat servlet engine tomcat7

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