[Live-demo] 3rd Party Applications not working in 9.5

Pieter du Plooy pjduplooy at zpanelcp.com
Mon Mar 21 13:55:41 PDT 2016

HI guys,

I was playing around with 9.5 rc2, and found that Cloudcompare, and
PointCloudViz does not install in 9.5 without bashing dpkg, and changing
dependencies in /var/lib/dpkg/status file.

They both wanted gdal 1.11.2, while 1.11.3 is in 9.5's repo.

Not a train smash for me, but could be for the guys wanting to use them in
9.5 (in fact I dont even know if people might know these applications at

Anyway just wanted to let you know, and if there are people out there that
wants to use it, they can let me know, and I will help them installing it.

Anyway congtrats on the upcoming 9.5, really looking forward to it, and
thanks and kudos to everyone involved.

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