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#1850: ZOO-Project-1.6.0
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 I have tried today the following [http://aiolos.survey.ntua.gr/gisvm/dev
 /osgeo-live-nightly-build37-amd64-e19a115.iso iso image].

 When starting it, none of the ZOO-Project demos were working. He are the
 solutions I have used to get the demos working again.

 By using the ldd tool, I was able to identify that the {{{libjvm.so}}}
 cannot be found. So, I have added a {{{zo-project.conf}}} file to the
 {{{/etc/ld.so.conf.d/}}} directory to add a file containing the directory
 where the {{{libjvm.so}}} can be found. Run the {{{sudo ldconfig}}}
 command and from here, both the CGAL and the OGR base-vect-ops demos were

 When trying to run the OTB demo, I noticed in the apache's {{{error.log}}}
 file says that the {{{updateStatus.xsl}}} cannot be found in
 {{{/var/data}}}. Indeed, the {{{/var/data}}} directory does not exists (a
 file with the same name is present), so I have removed the file and
 created a directory, I have set {{{www-data}}} the owner of the directory
 and downloaded there the {{{updateStatus.xsl}}} file. From here, the
 Smoothing service from the demo UI was working for both image/tiff and
 image/jpeg. Still the image/png output does not work currently. I am
 working on this and will provide feedbacks asap.

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