[Live-demo] how to easily create a live Disc with only some of the projects

karsten karsten at terragis.net
Sun Jan 22 13:49:10 PST 2017

Dear All,
I am in the process of creating a live Disk (aka USB stick) for a project
called the "Tanzania Food and Land Productivity Information System" -  see a
online version of this here http://transsec2.terragis.net/Welcome.html . The
system is nearly finished ( and uses MapServer, PostGIS, GDAL, OpenLayers 2
etc) under the hood. We would like to publish as an ISO image to have
bootable USB sticks available for teaching and scientific purposes.
No I have tried to cerate my own bootable system via setting up an Ubuntu
and tried to cerate an ISO image form there but have run in a lot of issues
(the first resulting ISO created via systemback failed to boot into the GUI
but only command line, and a later botched attempt setting up a Xubuntu
server on a local laptop, where all worked except the MapServer version
could not easily be installed) .
Thus, I wanted to reach out for advice what is the easiest way to get a
bootable system iso created including my project (open to use Ubuntu for
Xubuntu or the like as a base) . 

One alternative to my recent approach - I guess - would be to use the live
disk as a base , install that to a local machine, then uninstall all that is
not needed, and then use the Systemback application to create a iso ?

Karsten Vennemann

2119 Boyer Ave E 
Seattle, WA  98112
 <http://www.terragis.net/> www.terragis.net
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