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Hello FOSS4G Boston team,

In today's OSGeo-Live weekly meeting we discussed preparing an 
OSGeo-Live workshop to be initially used for FOSS4G 2017, but which 
would then be a useful resource for future OSGeo related training.

We'd like to open a discussion with FOSS4G organizers about the 
creation, content, and presentation of this workshop.

Our OSGeo-Live community live all around the world, and many of us who 
are interested in helping with content creation might/will not be able 
to make the conference in order to present. So we would like to like to 
put feelers out to determine if we can find some local people to help 
out with the presentation.

It has been noticed that the BostonGIS community have done an excellent 
job already in creating OSGeo tutorial material, available at: 
http://www.bostongis.com/ Who was involved in creating this material? 
Would there be members of the BostonGIS or Boston FOSS4G community 
interested in helping be part of an OSGeo-Live workshop team?

In creating and presenting material, I'm hopeful that we can draw upon 
an OSGeo community leader (or 2) from each project included. This should 
increase the value of the presentation and spread the effort of 
creation. (On the downside, it would increase the number of presenters 
in the room).

With regards to the structure of the OSGeo-Live workshop:

Target Audience:

* We suggest that the target audience should be new users to OSGeo. 
There would be no prior assumed knowledge or technical expertise so 
could be attended by a non-GIS techie, or a manager, or a sales person. 
The aim would be to introduce attendees to the breadth of Open Source 
GIS available, and get some hands on feeling for what these applications 
look like.


* 4 hours won't be sufficient time to cover all 50 OSGeo-Live projects 
in depth, so we will need to be selective. I'd expect we would base the 
workshop on something similar to:

0:00 - 0:10 Introduction

0:10 - 0:20 Set up OSGeo-Live on everyone's laptop. (Instructors walking 
around the room helping, possibly spilling into next presentation)

0:20 - 1:00 Overview of all 50 applications in OSGeo-Live, based on 
OSGeo-Live presentation: http://live.osgeo.org/en/presentation/index.html

1:00 - 3:30 Look at a subset of main applications in depth. About 20 to 
30 mins for 6 to 8 applications. Base on existing Quickstarts. Covering:

* Database setup (PostGIS?)

* Web Service setup (GeoServer? GeoNode?)

* Desktop use case (QGIS?)

* Browser application(s) (OpenLayers? Cesium?)

* Possibly also cover free data sources such as Open Street Map

3:30 - 4:00 Buffer time for questions, delays, coffee break.


So questions for the Boston team:

a. Is this concept in line with Boston's vision for workshops?

b. Is there anyone interested in getting involved in the above?

Warm regards,

On 25/01/2017 9:15 AM, Chris Barnett wrote:
> Hello OSGeo community,
> The workshop subcommittee of the FOSS4G 2017 Boston LOC would like to 
> announce that the call for workshop proposals is now officially open! 
> We invite you to submit a proposal to teach a workshop.  Here is a 
> link to the workshop page of our website for the submission form and 
> further details: http://2017.foss4g.org/workshops/
> For those of you who don’t yet know, FOSS4G 2017 will be held in 
> Boston, MA, USA on August 14-19. Please visit the website for 
> conference details : http://2017.foss4g.org/
> _*In brief:*_
> *Workshop info:*
>   * Workshops will be held on August 14th and 15th at the Harvard
>     Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) in Cambridge, MA
>   * Workshops are scheduled in 4 hour blocks, but a limited number of
>     full-day (8 hr.) workshops will be considered
>   * Compensation for a 4 hour workshop is $650, which is the cost of
>     an Early-Bird registration for FOSS4G
>   * Workshops will be BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for attendees.
>     FOSS4G will provide bootable OSGeo Live USB sticks and remote
>     desktop access to cloud-hosted machines.
>   * In the past, workshops have included topics related to the
>     following, but the committee is open to other topics that are
>     relevant to the FOSS4G community and will generate interest :
>       o QGIS/PyQGIS
>       o PostGIS
>       o GeoServer
>       o MapServer
>       o Web Mapping
>       o GRASS GIS
>       o GDAL/OGR CLI Tools
>       o pgRouting
>       o Using OSGeoLive
>       o GeoPython
>       o GvSig
>       o Aerial Mapping and Point Clouds/LIDAR/Photogrammetry
>       o Using open source GIS in a cloud environment
> *Important Dates:
> *Call for Workshops Closed: March 13, 2017
> Workshop Selections Announced: March 20, 2017
> Detailed Workshop Program: April 3, 2017
> Workshops Take Place at Harvard: August 14/15, 2017
> Feel free to contact me at chrissbarnett at gmail.com 
> <mailto:chrissbarnett at gmail.com> with any questions that you may have, 
> and stay tuned for the FOSS4G call for presentations, which will be 
> opening shortly!
> Thanks,
> Chris Barnett
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> FOSS4G 2017 Boston LOC
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