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Mon Jul 17 08:24:05 PDT 2017

#1964: docs missing files in non-english sections
 Reporter:  darkblueb  |       Owner:  live-demo@…
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  new
 Priority:  blocker    |   Milestone:  OSGeoLive11.0
Component:  LiveDVD    |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  docs       |

Comment (by darkblueb):

 build 1420b0b
 misc. tests on en and non-en contents

 for n in ??;do file $n/overview/toc.rst >> /tmp/lnln;done

 ca/overview/toc.rst: symbolic link to ../../en/overview/toc.rst
 de/overview/toc.rst: symbolic link to ../../en/overview/toc.rst
 el/overview/toc.rst: symbolic link to ../../en/overview/toc.rst
 en/overview/toc.rst: ASCII text
 es/overview/toc.rst: symbolic link to ../../en/overview/toc.rst
 fr/overview/toc.rst: symbolic link to ../../en/overview/toc.rst
 hu/overview/toc.rst: symbolic link to ../../en/overview/toc.rst
 id/overview/toc.rst: cannot open `id/overview/toc.rst' (No such file or
 it/overview/toc.rst: symbolic link to ../../en/overview/toc.rst
 ja/overview/toc.rst: symbolic link to ../../en/overview/toc.rst
 ko/overview/toc.rst: symbolic link to ../../en/overview/toc.rst
 pl/overview/toc.rst: symbolic link to ../../en/overview/toc.rst
 ru/overview/toc.rst: symbolic link to ../../en/overview/toc.rst
 zh/overview/toc.rst: symbolic link to ../../en/overview/toc.rst

 only language id is empty

 OSGeoLive-doc$ ls id/*
 id/contact.rst  id/copyright.rst  id/welcome_message.txt




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