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Cameron has also passed on my request to brand projects with their
respective association if applicable. Examples include: LocationTech,
KDE.org, gvSIG Association, QGIS.org association, Natural Earth, OGC and

My reasoning as an OSGeo board member is based on our goals at OSGeo, of
not only promoting open source, but going beyond to promoting an open
approach to software development.

The key difference between the community projects (that are open source)
and our osgeo projects - is that they are subject to additional standards
and expectations defined by our organization. Our OSGeo standards, as we
recently witnessed with rasdaman, can be very hard to meet. By contrast
projects such as marble have been subject to very high standards as part of
their participation in KDE.org (making meeting our OSGeo requirements
rather easy by comparison).

A project that has joined a foundation, or created its own association, is
making a far stronger commitment to both itself and its users then one that
is simply placed on github. We want to promote this level of maturity where
we can - one way to do so is support the work of others in the software
development field that sare making a difference.

I also wanted to ask what the osgeo live relationship is with OSM and
naturalearthdata.com? Both of these represent vibrant partnerships around
data, rather than projects and I wondered if we could recognize them in a
similar fashion?

This discussion is not limited to the OSGeo live project, the website has a
page for partners which will feature many of the organizations listed above
and their relationship with OSGeo.
- https://projects.invisionapp.com/d/#/console/10783291/237925202/preview
- https://projects.invisionapp.com/d/#/console/10783291/237925201/preview
Jody Garnett
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