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The request for more volunteers is always welcome, this will be a
productive time to volunteer.

Your concern about base-line tasks (by which I assume you mean ongoing
tasks needing attention each release) is indeed a worry. Any ongoing tasks
that do not have backing of a volunteer need to be accounted for, or scope

The one baseline activity, that I was not even aware live.osgeo.org had
taken on, was having an up to date list of OSGeo sponsors. I expect it may
be more expedient to remove that section (since sponsors change to often)
but I will wait to see what live.osgeo.org decides. Is there any other
baseline activity I am missing?

For the remained these appear to be a communication and planning issue.

The change to mission/vision/goals from 2016 were both planned in advance
and shared through email lists, news announcements and website when updated.

In 2017 we have branding changes being planned in advanced, and are going
roughly according to schedule. I contact live.osgeo.org the week before
they would be ready to see if they could be used. Indeed I literally could
not of moved faster as the SVG icons were only made available today.

Can I assume live.osgeo.org was aware of these changes, but like the
marketing committee has not yet had time/resources to update?  I have
already provided a reminder that board members need to follow through on
decisions with both communication and effort. I would hope that the
live.osgeo.org project could take this information into the project
planning process.

Jody Garnett

On 19 June 2017 at 16:00, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com> wrote:

> Re-interating what I said on the OSGeo Live list with Jody:
> Firstly, it is great to see OSGeo-Live being engaged at the OSGeo board
> level and an interest being taken in helping set our direction.
> However, one thing that makes me nervous is any gradual increase in
> baseline tasks delegated to the OSGeo-Live core team, especially when we
> have just gone through a de-scoping exercise within OSGeo-Live to bring our
> level of effort back to our volunteer capacity.
> If the OSGeo board is making decisions that effect projects such as
> OSGeo-Live:
> 1. The effected projects should be involved in the decision
> 2. The decision should consider how the impact of the decision will be
> resourced.
> Warm regards, Cameron
> On 20/6/17 4:02 am, Jody Garnett wrote:
> I had a review of the upcoming live.osgeo.org release, and noticed a
> couple things to update.
> 1) The live.osgeo.porg sponsorship list
> <https://live.osgeo.org/en/sponsors.html> included both project sponsors
> -- and OSGeo sponsors. The result was quite out of date. As the board
> member keeping tabs on sponsors this was my responsibility .. but I did not
> know live.osgeo.org was keeping a list :)
> 2) More importantly the sponsors page has a section describing osgeo
> foundation <https://live.osgeo.org/en/sponsors.html> which had not been
> updated with our new mission / vision. Once again we updated these
> statements as a board, but did not chase it down into live.osgeo.org.
> 3) As incubation chair I asked if OSGeo live could update the branding for
> OSGeo Projects and OSGeo Community Projects. This setup is in keeping with
> the board  decision to open the door to "innovation" last year by providing
> an easier way for just-open-source projects to be supported by the
> foundation).
> 4) I asked if live.osgeo.org could include the new logo / color / font
> branding (it may be too late, but it does not hurt to ask).
> 5) I also asked as a LocationTech member if additional cloud based
> projects could be listed on osgeo live. They are an increasingly important
> part of our open source ecosystem, but not listed on live.osgeo.org.
> I have joined the project mailing list to provide the above feedback more
> directly, however I want to emphasis that it is not enough for us to make
> decisions as a board - we need to reach out and communicate those decisions.
> With respect to the board decisions on mission/vision/community projects
> are there any other areas we need to update?
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> Jody Garnett
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