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#1989: OSGeoLive kinds of volunteers
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 I don't see in the wiki a clear definition of the volunteers on this

 Because of the nature of the project, some tasks are done by ''external
 volunteers'' that where searched for, and asked to help us.

 And, as far as I can see, the ''internal volunteers'' made it a common
 practice to self assign tasks, based on their own capacities and
 knowledge, that need to be done in order to make a release.

 I am classifying here, what I see so far is the kind of volunteer that
 OSGeoLive needs. (might need refinement, and maybe to be placed in the

 - Internal Volunteer
   - Member of PSC

 - External Volunteer
   - Person not member of PSC

 - Project  Volunteer
   - Person that belongs to a project included in OSGeoLive, and is
 volunteering for scripts & documentation maintenance
   - Can be External Volunteer
   - Can be Internal Volunteer

 - Translation Volunteer
   - Person that is part of the translation team on Transifex (Starting
 from version 12)
   - Note that only upgrading transifex it can’t be known how much
 volunteer work was made unless its payed service
   - Can be External Volunteer
   - Can be Internal Volunteer

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