[Live-demo] resize fails

Jakob Miksch jakob.miksch at posteo.eu
Tue Sep 12 13:39:19 PDT 2017

I just started the "vmdk" (OSGeo-live 11.0) file like explained in the
documentation: https://live.osgeo.org/en/quickstart/virtualization_quic

It basically works, but the display resolution is only 800x600 and I
cannot change it. I also ticked "Auto-resize Guest display", but it
does not help. Strangely, I run OSGeo-live 10.0 with the exact same
settings on the same machine. There the automatical resize works. 

My guest operating system is Ubuntu 16.04. 

Do you have any idea why my OSGeo-live 11.0 does not want to resize?

Thanks and kind regards,

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