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Hi Johanna, I'm delighted to hear you feeling included in the words you 
choose when talking about the community.

Re selecting version numbers for OSGeoLive. We try to track info about 
our projects in links from our wiki pages.
Start with our current pages: https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeolive/wiki
We have been moving docs across from our old wiki, and some things 
haven't come across. In particular, I didn't find:
/Which version to use? Stable, always! LiveGIS users are usually seeing 
OSGeo newbies and will be turned off by any software bugs./

(There are opportunities to improve these wiki pages and move stuff from 
old to new and you are welcome to help fix things if you see holes).

We make sure our overview and quickstart docs match the project version 
on OSGeoLive. I'm expecting our next OSGeoLive release will move QGIS up 
to the next 3.x release, however, that decision will be confirmed during 
our next build cycle.

Hope that helps, Cameron

On 2/12/18 4:12 pm, Johanna Botman wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone tell me what ‘we’ (I use that word advisedly because I am 
> so new) do about upgrading software? For instance, QGIS is at version 
> 2.18 on OSGeoLive, but the current long term release is 3.4.
> This has implications for the documentation and may affect the take up 
> rate of ‘our’ product.
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