[OSGeoLive] OSGeo Live USB

Jim Klassen jklassen at sharedgeo.org
Mon Feb 12 13:43:43 PST 2018

I'd like to make an 8GB USB image of OSGeo Live 11 that uses the extra
space on the USB stick for a persistence file.

Back in the Lubuntu 14.04 days, I used a tool called "Startup Disk
Creator" (a.k.a. usb-creator-gtk) that when run from a system booted to
the OSGeoLive ISO could create a bootable USB with a persistence file
(casper-rw).  It looks like Ubuntu took away the persistence file option
from that tool in 16.04.

I know I can use dd to copy the .iso to the USB stick and it will work,
but without persistence.  It seems like a step backwards if people loose
all their work every time they reboot.

Does anyone know how to do make an image with persistence enabled with
OSGeo Live 11?

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