[OSGeoLive] Press Release 82: Starting build cycle for OSGeoLive 12 and call for translators

Astrid Emde (OSGeo) astrid_emde at osgeo.org
Tue Feb 27 23:27:20 PST 2018

Starting build cycle for OSGeoLive 12 and call for translators

28 February 2018

Are you interested in joining our Open Source GIS experience? The build 
cycle for the next OSGeoLive release, 12.0, is going to start in 3 weeks 
at OSGeo Code Sprint 2018 in Bonn [1]. The final version is planned to 
be ready at 2nd August 2018 in time for FOSS4G 2018 in Dar Es Saalam 
[2]. Have a look at our schedule for the the detailed steps [3].

Till then we have many challenges - from simple to challenging, to help 
describe and train people in the value of Open Source GIS.

Are you multi-lingual and interested in Open Source GIS? At the end of 
2017 we moved the translation of OSGeoLive to transifex [4] and we still 
have many open translations. How about help translate one or two of the 
Project Overviews or Quickstarts? Have a look at our translation guide 
[5] to get involved.

Are you a programmer or packager with experience in one of the Open 
Source GIS applications. Are you interested in helping update a project 
to the latest version.

Join us at OSGeo Code Sprint 2018
There will be the OSGeo Code Sprint 2018 in Bonn from 18th till 25th of 
March 2018 [1]. Some people from OSGeoLive team will be there. We'd love 
to see you, whether you are new to Open Source or an experienced old 
About OSGeoLive

OSGeoLive (​http://live.osgeo.org) is a ​Lubuntu based distribution of 
Geospatial Open Source Software, available via a Live DVD, Virtual 
Machine and USB. You can use OSGeoLive to try a wide variety of open 
source geospatial software without installing anything.

OSGeoLive team

[1] ​https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Code_Sprint_2018
[2] ​http://2018.foss4g.org/
[4] ​https://www.transifex.com/osgeo/osgeolive/


Astrid Emde
OSGeo Board Member and OSGeo Secretary
Open Source Geospatial Foundation
astrid_emde at osgeo.org

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