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#2073: Email about languages for translating
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 This is the original suggestion by Bakaniko

 Hi dear translators and OSGeoLive users,

 I'm proud to announce that we linked the Transifex platform to the Github
 repository so when when the .po files will be updated on Github, Transifex
 will fetch them a few hours later.

 We are now working integrating the automated doc building in the OSGeoLive
 ISO building process and reducing the doc size in order to save space.
 So that is good news !

 We would like to thank you for the work done here and to encourage you
 continue this work here. We had several demands for local or regional
 languages and that's great. But we would like to concentrate on global
 languages rather than regional ones. For example, for Spanish, doing
 Spanish (es) first and when it is done, translate Spanish (Mexico) (es_MX)
 or Spanish (Spain) (es_ES). We value local languages but our aim is to
 provide complete traductions of overviews and quickstarts, not partial
 ones that will only bring confusion to the user.

 Best regards,

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