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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 13:07:48 PDT 2018

Maria, OSGeo UN Committee, OSGeoLive team,

Great initiative, I'm very supportive.

I'm excited to see OSGeoLive engaged prominently in the criteria. I 
think that OSGeoLive has the potential to be a great asset to the 
education community and this is an excellent initiative to fast track this.

Have you been talking with someone from the OSGeoLive team about the 
practical implementation? (Angelos would be a good start). There are a 
few things that I think need to be thought through:

* OSGeoLive is currently space constrained to our distribution medium. 
Typically a 4 Gig or 8 Gig USB. Large teaching datasets could cause us 
challenges. We have options to address this, but it is something we 
should consider up front.

* OSGeoLive has remained a healthy project for 8 years in part because 
we have ensured our cost of maintenance doesn't exceed our volunteer 
capacity. We need to think through how can maintain any material 
created, and how we can keep maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Re: evaluation criteria:

On 29/3/18 10:45 pm, Maria Antonia Brovelli wrote:
> Evaluation criteria:
>  1. Proposer is an OSGeo Charter Member
* I'd suggest this be changed to "has demonstrable experience within the 
OSGeo community". One of our best technical contributors to OSGeoLive, 
who regularly also gave great council, as well as writing very good 
documentation, was someone who shunned titles and has never signed up to 
be an OSGeo Charter member. (As I write this, I think he'd be a good 
candidate for this project - if he could be tempted). There are others 
like him. They shouldn't be excluded from applying.
On the other hand, there are some OSGeo Charter members who have done 
little after joining. I believe creating a "honey-pot" will lead to 
people applying for charter membership for personal benefit instead of 
altruistic reasons.
>  1. Proposer’s age (20 if < 40 years old; 0 if >40 years old)
* I question the purpose of this? If you are trying to increase young 
people applying, then an age break at 40 doesn't help the struggling end 
of the age spectrum. (I'd be more inclined to make a break at say 25).
I think you will find older people, will self select themselves out 
based on their typically higher pay grade.
I'd be inclined to remove this criteria all together.

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