[OSGeoLive] #2132: Include a collection of Jupyter notebooks

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Mon Apr 1 16:33:19 PDT 2019

#2132: Include a collection of Jupyter notebooks
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 Priority:  major      |   Milestone:  OSGeoLive13.0
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Comment (by camerons):

 I'm building a list of documentation ideas to improve OSGeo and OSGeoLive
 documentation, which I'll be pointing potential writers at for
 inspiration. (In particular, I'm hoping to attract writers from the Google
 Season of Docs initiative.)

 I have a title for Jupyter, but I feel my description of what a writing
 task could/should be better. @lucadelu, are you in a position to improve
 this description?

 And would you be prepared to mentor a writer if they volunteered? If so,
 please add your name to the list of "People keen to take part". (I'm
 expecting that a buzzing community will attract more community).

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