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Text for OSGeoLive presentation.


At the end of the OSGeoLive meeting you pointed us to proposed text for 
an OSGeoLive presentation:





What’s new in OSGeoLive 13.0 ?

OSGeoLive 13.0 will be released at the end of July 2019.

Still working on the improvements initiated for OSGeoLive 12.0, it will 
embedded latest stable version of a vast choice of Open Source 
Geospatial software. The work on the geodata science with Python and  R 
stacks have also been continued.

The documentation is also a big building area and we  made a proposal to 
Google Season of Docs in order to get it even better.




1. How much time is the presentation slot?

2. What should our target audience be? If targeting new users the 
OSGeoLive lightning talk could be used. But I think we target OSGeo 
community who already know OSGeoLive, and want to know our current status.

Ie, I think we should provide a "State of OSGeoLive" talk:

* What have we achieved?

* What are our current challenges?

* What are our immediate next steps?

* What are our long term goals?

* How are technology trends impacting us (both positive and negative) 
and how are we responding?

* How does OSGeoLive integrate with other projects and how it can be 
used as an indicator of health of other OSGeo communities.

* How can other communities engage with OSGeoLive most effectively to 
amplify the effectiveness of their projects.

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