[OSGeoLive] All OSGeoLive Docs versions online

Seth G sethg at geographika.co.uk
Thu Dec 12 04:19:45 PST 2019

Hi all,

I've been collating the various documentation releases for OSGeo-Live and adding into my fork at fork is at https://github.com/geographika/OSGeoLive-doc/tree/gh-pages

This can then be automatically published by GitHub pages - I've currently set this up to publish to https://osgeolive.geographika.co.uk/

The archive branch could be easily added via a pull request to the main project. 

The branch can be downloaded or cloned in git to publish on any server. One possibility to consider is to automate adding a build of the docs for a new tagged release using Travis. Deployment of the latests docs would then be a simple git clone rather than requiring a manual build an upload. 

If anyone has a v1.0 docs copy please let me know! 

Thoughts on the above welcome,


twitter: @geographika

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