[OSGeoLive] rOpenSci two-for-one

Brian M Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Wed Feb 13 12:04:55 PST 2019

Hi All
  a vigorous research community continues to grow and engage, around the R data environment. 
Today there is a link to a well-written article about "Open Source Project Governance" which may
be of general interest.  [0]
 Secondly, specific to R and geospatial data.. the "rocker" project has a Docker setup for the sf
module, which is very active and increasingly popular.  Why?  Its easy to startup, based on open standards,
and still very fresh.  What is not to like?   [1]
  As OSGeoLive gets started on the next development cycle, we would like to reach out to the R community,
and especially rOpenSci, to collaborate where possible. 
  best regards from Berkeley, California
[0]   https://ropensci.org/blog/2019/02/12/governance/
[1]  https://www.rocker-project.org/images/
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