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FYI, I've filled in a form from Steven Feldman who is researching how 
OSGeo works. Answers below ...

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Google Forms

Thanks for filling in Product management processes in OSGeo projects 
Here's what we've received from you:

  Product management processes in OSGeo projects

Thank you for agreeing to help me in researching product management 
processes in OSGeo projects. My aim is to try and establish:

• Does the Open Source collaborative development model incorporate and 
support product management disciplines? • Are there formal product 
management strategies within the OSGeo Community? • How is a roadmap 
developed? • Is the roadmap inspired by a cohesive vision or is it 
driven by the willingness of larger users to fund features? • How do 
projects get to hear the voice of the user? • Do software development 
methodologies impact product management? • Are there best practices that 
we can learn from and share?

Following on from this survey I plan to contact some (most) of the 
respondents and if you are available conduct a short interview with you 
via a call or by email.

It would be great if you could complete this survey by 3rd June 2019.

I hope to present the results of this research at FOSS4G at the end of 
the summer, I will also write up the results and share with our 
community and others. Subject to timing I will make an early version of 
my presentation/write up available to respondents for comment before 

Thanks once again for your help

May the FOSS be with you


Email address *
cameron.shorter at gmail.com

    A bit about you and your project

If you think someone else on your project steering team should be 
completing this survey as well as or instead of you please forward the 
survey to them

Your name *
Cameron Shorter

Project *

What is your role in the project team?
Steering Committee Chair or Member, Contributor, Other?
Project Steering Committee member, Co-founder

How long have you been active within the project team?
11 years

Are you willing to participate in a short interview

  * Yes
  * No
  * Maybe

Best way to contact you for an interview

  * Google Hangouts
  * Skype
  * WhatsApp call
  * email
  * Other:

    Product management processes

I have set out a series of questions below that will help me to 
understand how your project sets goals, converts them to a roadmap and 
then prioritises features. It will make collating your response easier 
if you can respond to these questions but if you find that too tedious 
or if your responses don't fit with the structure of my questions then I 
have given you the option of including a long form text answer at the 
end of the questionnaire.

    Vision and Goals

Has your project set out a vision and a set of goals that drive the roadmap?

Does your project have a clear statement of vision or purpose?
Why are you and others committing time to this project? What do you hope 
to achieve?

  * Yes
  * No
  * Sort of

Does your project have a set of goals or targets that you are trying to 
These may be the metrics by which you can measure success,

  * Yes
  * No
  * Sort of

Do you gather any usage metrics about your project

  * Yes
  * No
  * Other:

Vision and goals
If available please paste your vision and goals in this section or add a 
link to them
Source: http://live.osgeo.org/en/presentation.html#/1/4 (Press s for 
slide notes): OSGeoLive provides a production and marketing pipeline, 
providing value to a whole range of user groups. Developers who package 
and support testing of their applications on OSGeoLive get their 
applications marketed at conferences, workshops and on the web. Document 
writers get their documentation reviewed, translated into multiple 
languages and published. Translators are provided with quality source 
documentation, and a publish through OSGeo web pages. Conference 
organisers welcome presentations which explain the breadth of Geospatial 
Open Source, often having a VIP present a derivative of the OSGeoLive 
during keynote presentations, and adding value to delegates by giving 
away an OSGeoLive DVD or USB. Geospatial educators and workshop 
presenters use the stable OGeo-Live Virtual Machine or USB for practical 
class room settings. Which all leads to Architects and Developers 
discovering, and then incorporating Open Source Geospatial software in 
their projects.


How do you establish and maintain the roadmap for your project?

Do you have a roadmap for your project?

  * None
  * 1 year
  * 2 year
  * 3 year
  * Other:

What methodology do you use to manage your roadmap?
These are some of the most common methods for managing a roadmap, do you 
use one of them? If not please describe how you plan and communicate 
your roadmap.

  * Priority Buckets (Now, Next, Later)
  * Categorize, Cluster and Communicate (e.g.
  * 3 feature buckets (Customer requests, Metrics movers, Customer delight)
  * No formal process to manage roadmap
  * Other:

Link to your roadmap
If you publish a roadmap please provide a link to the current version
This is about as formal as we get, collating our ideas into a press 
release: https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeolive/wiki/Press%20Release%2084

    Feature prioritisation

How do you prioritise features within the next release(s) of your project?

Sponsored Features
To what extent do you prioritise features that are wholly or partly 
sponsored by users of the software? Does this create any conflicts in 
terms of feature prioritisation or your roadmap? Please be assured that 
any responses on sponsored features will be anonymised so that your 
project and sponsors will not be identified.
Apart from once early in the project's history when a government agency 
paid for Project Overviews, we haven't had sponsored features. 
Volunteers contribute their own sections. (The volunteers are 
occasionally sponsored externally).

What methodology do you use to prioritise features within your next 
These are some of the most common methods for prioritising features, do 
you use one of them? If not please describe how you prioritise features.

  * Kano (Delighters, Satisfiers, Basic Expectations)
  * MoSCoW (Must, Should, Could, Won't)
  * Buy a Feature (each team member gets an allocation of points and
    assign to features)
  * RICE (Reach, Impact, Confidence, Effort)
  * No formal process to prioritise features
  * Other:

    Requirements Capture

How do you capture and document requirements within your project?

How do you identify user requirements

  * User Stories
  * Job Stories
  * Detailed feature descriptions
  * Surveys
  * Other:

    I can't describe our product management process by responding to
    your questions!

This is the pint where you can just write whatever you wish about the 
product management processes in your project and include answers to the 
questions that I have neglected to ask!

Answering your way
Write whatever you wish in this section
Probably worth reading this: 

    The last bit

A few questions about the organisation of product management within your 
project, your analysis of your competitors and your communications with 
your users.

How do product management decisions sit within your project's organisation?
Who makes the decisions?

  * Project Steering Committee
  * A Product Management sub-committee
  * The contributors decide
  * Other:

Do you track what your competitors are doing?

  * Yes
  * No
  * We don't have any competitors
  * Other:

How do you track competitor developments?
If you are tracking competitor developments how do you do so? If not, 
can you explain why this is not a consideration in determining the 
direction of your project?

Do end users get a say on the roadmap?
Do you have a channel for dialogue with your users? How do you reach 
them and how important is their input in determining your roadmap?
Yes, with each OSGeoLive release we invite OSGeo projects to update 
content. Volunteers are always welcome within our forums, but we don't 
get many external users participating.

Any last thoughts?
Anything I haven't asked you that you would like to share
not yet.

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