[OSGeoLive] Conclusion of Season of Docs

Felicity Brand felicitybrand at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 18:13:54 PST 2019

Dear all,
The Season of Docs program officially ended yesterday.

Phew, what a ride! Thank you all for being so supportive and helpful.
It has felt like an intense period of learning and doing - I'll be
glad to have a rest.

You can read my summary report:

I have really enjoyed this opportunity to learn about open source,
your community and geospatial software. I have also picked up skills
in ReST, sphinx and taken my git to the next level.

This is not goodbye from me. I will have a bit of a rest first (so
might be offline for a few weeks).
* There are 30 open pull requests for Quickstarts that I'm hoping you
(and Cameron) can help me finalise.
* There are also comments on some of the Quickstarts that I want to
follow up in a bit more detail.
* I discovered a doc issue in trac that I can probably address as well.

I know that the Google Code-In program might be working with some of the
Quickstarts, so that is an exciting opportunity to put some of them to the test.


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