[OSGeoLive] cesium + osgeo wms

RIBEIRO Marco (EXT) marco.ribeiro.ext at eurocontrol.int
Tue Oct 1 08:54:14 PDT 2019

Hi all,

I have an application which has the need for 3d mapping (cesium) but I would like to use the wms used in our 2d map (open layers) which is very simplistic, exactly how we need.

The problem is that the tiles are not very well rendered. It seems is not getting the right tiles for each tile of the globe:

[cid:image003.jpg at 01D57881.3AC10420]

I`m using a WebMapServiceImageryProvider with the following params:

-          service = "WMS";

-          format = "image/png";

-          request = "GetMap";

-          transparent = true;

-          version = "1.3.0";

-          url = "http://vmap0.tiles.osgeo.org/wms/vmap0";

-          parameters.layers ="basic";

-          parameters.tileHeight = 256;

-          parameters.tileWidth = 256;

-          parameters.crs = "EPSG:4326";

Any help would be more than welcome.

Thank you very much


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