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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 01:52:59 PDT 2019

Hi Felicity,
I think this "birds eye view" of all the projects is really useful, and 
will help us focus on what next.

In our weekly irc://freenode.net#osgeolive meeting (in ~ 11 hours, I 
suggest we discuss Felicities summary, and help set our doc priorities.

In answer to a could of Felicity's questions:

* Rather than asking "should we review the template", I think we should 
ask "how much time should we spend on the template". I think a little 
review is in order. (Note, in parallel, TheGoodDocsProject is looking at 
the Quickstart template.) 

* Re quality: To date, OSGeoLive has set a quality standard, and then 
expected projects to meet that standard. Projects that haven't been able 
to meet the standard have been retired. Considering retiring a project 
is something that we should add to our formula. (Other option is to 
"hide" the project until they get their docs up to quality.) I think we 
should set a target quality standard for a projects' Quickstart (maybe a 
3 on Felicity's scale), and let all projects know that they will be 
expected to meet this standard by next release. And that you have 2 
months when Felicity can help you get your Quickstart up to scratch - 
but you will need to provide base material and work with us/her.

* We haven't had language barriers to date. Everyone speaks English, 
sometimes with a strong accent, and creative grammar.

* Q: What do we gain? A: Quality, and even better, the perception of 
quality. Showing that you have spent the time to improve your docs means 
that you spend time on details, and they hopefully should be the case 
with the rest of the project. Yes, consistency is another measure of 

* You mention "None of the Quick Starts talk about what the software 
could be used for". Yes, this is what is covered in a Project Overview. 
I suggest have a look at a couple to get a feel for what they cover. 
(The PostGIS Project Overview is our exemplar.) Our aim is not to 
duplicate the material in the Project Overview.

* I like the idea of "did you find this helpful". I'm not sure if we 
have the capacity to implement it, or process the results, but it is 
worth considering.

* Yes, I think a style guide is a good idea. We don't have one. I wish I 
had of thought of that at the beginning.

On 17/9/19 5:47 pm, Angelos Tzotsos wrote:
> Hi,
> ossim, tinyows and osgearth should have been removed them from the 
> docs. They are available through the ppa only.
> Iris and jupyter have failed to provide a quickstart. In my opinion 
> they should have one for the next version if we want to be consistent 
> and fair to the other projects.
> Cheers,
> Angelos
> On 9/17/19 10:28 AM, Felicity Brand wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This week I did a quick pass-through of the Quick Start guides and put
>> together a  little summary in Google slides. Here is the link:
>> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jmSlp9GNwoPupeFJdjPsBnL7vqVG7AiWbWLEGOWEcy4/edit?usp=sharing 
>> I couldn't find Quick Starts for these ones - are they available?
>> - iris
>> - jupyter
>> - osgearth
>> - ossim
>> - tinyows
>> This exercise was to try and work out where to focus my efforts during
>> the Season of Docs period.
>> I welcome feedback and input.
>> Thank you
>> Felicity
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