[OSGeoLive] OSGeoLive + MapSlicer + LeafletJs(or TS in this case)

Sylwester Wróblewski sylwek.wroblewski at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 20:59:40 PDT 2020


First of all before I go down to business I wanted to thank you all
involved in creating this amazing environment! I spent 2 days trying
different methods to configure GDAL on my own with no success. So big THANK
YOU! :)

Quick introduction. I am creating an interactive map for a game. In time
the project grew bigger and pixelated texture(around 1000px in width) of
ingame map was not enough. So I created some renders and in the end I
needed to add a tile map to meet the ever growing requirements of personal
project. :)

Used stack: TS + React + Leaflet-React and since it's a game map I am using
CRS.Simple inside this project. I generated the base tileset using
MapTiler. I just selected the "Raster" version and puff... It was working
like a charm with Leaflet. But after seeing their price tags for basic
features as raster widths, zoom levels and obnoxious level of watermarks I
decided that it's a product that I don't want to support. So I started
looking for an alternative solution.

After a lot of struggles I found OSGeoLive and I could not be happier, one
evening and I already have the maps, generated, without watermarks and in
nice zoom levels... But... My maps are reversed around y axis.

[image: image.png]
As I tried to understand the subject and what Spatial Reference System
should I use I used the recommended one "WGS84". And it is still reversed.
I am so close to putting this problem behind me but still I lack the
knowledge in this area. So does someone know what I should do to generate
tiles properly so they would work out of the box just as they did with  map
tiler? Or meaby I should use some other tool after generating tiles?

Sylwester Wróblewski
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