[OSGeoLive] Request for adding GeoStyler to OSGeoLive

Jan Suleiman suleiman at terrestris.de
Tue Aug 25 05:46:19 PDT 2020

Dear OSGeoLive members,

we would like to propose adding the OSGeo Community Project "GeoStyler" 
to the next release of OSGeoLive.

Please find below the answers to the questions listed on 

Kind regards

 > What is its name?


 > What is the home page URL?


 > Which​OSI approved Open Source Licence 
<http://opensource.org/licenses>is used?

*BSD-2-Clause License*

 > What does the application do and how does it add value to 
theGeoSpatialstack of software?

*GeoStyler is a JavaScript library that allows users to style geographic 
data via a graphical user interface. Through its plugin-mechanisms, it 
is independent from any specific styling formats and can therefore be 
used for a variety of different styling formats, e.g. SLD, OpenLayers 
styles, MapBox Styles, QML, etc. Additional translator libraries also 
provide functionality for converting between different styling formats 
(e.g. OpenLayers style to SLD). Even though GeoStyler is primarily a 
React.js library, we also provide builds that enable using GeoStyler in 
any JavaScript-based environment. As there is currently no major 
JavaScript library that provides a reusable UI for styling geographic 
data in the web, we try to fill that gap. For the OSGeoLive, we intend 
to install the libraries "geostyler", "geostyler-sld-parser", 
"geostyler-openlayers-parser" as well as a beginner tutorial.*

 > Does the application make use of OGC standards? Which versions of the 
standards? Client or server? You may wish to add comments about how 
standards are used. *

*We support reading and writing SLD 1.1.0 through the dedicated 
geostyler-sld-parser. We also support the import of data via WFS 1.0.0, 
1.1.0, 1.1.3, 2.0, 2.0.2.

 > What language is it written in? *


 > Which version of the application should be included in the next 
OSGeo-Live release?

*geostyler at 4.5.0, geostyler-sld-parser at 2.0.1, 
geostyler-openlayers-parser at 2.1.0*

 > If risk adverse organisations have deployed your application into 
production, it would imply that these organisations have verified the 
stability of your software. Has the application been rolled out to 
production into risk (ideally risk adverse) organisations? Please 
mention some of these organisations? *

*GeoStyler has been deployed into production for a variety of 
applications. E.g.

*- Federal Office For Radiation Protection Germany (BfS): OpenBfS IMIS3 
gis-client (**https://github.com/OpenBfS/gis-client**)*

*- Federal Office For Agriculture And Food Germany (BLE) and Uni Bonn 
(IGG, INRES): cropwatch (**https://github.com/terrestris/cropwatch**)*

> OpenHub provides metrics to help assess the health of a project. 
Eg:​http://adhoc.osgeo.osuosl.org/livedvd/docs/en/metrics.htmlCould you 
please ensure that your project is registered with Open HUB, and Open 
HUB has been updated to reference the correct code repository(s) for 
your project. What is the Open HUB URL for your project?

*GeoStyler uses CI/CD mechanisms including code coverages for unit tests 
to provide indicates for the health of a project. These indicators are 
listed in the Readme of our GitHub repository 

 > What is the size of the user community? You can often answer this by 
mentioning downloads, or describing a healthy, busy email list?

*We currently have around 15 active code contributors in our main 
repository and several other contributors in our other repositories. 
There is also a growing community participating in discussions and bug 

 > What is the size of your developer community? *

*About 15 active code contributors*

 > Do you have a bug free, stable release?

*We do have stable releases. Are they completely bug free? Probably not. 
But the code is robust enough to be used for production environments.*

 > Please discuss the level of testing that your project has gone through.

*We provide automated unit tests via CI. Currently our code coverage is 
about 70%. We only merge contributions that pass automated tests and 

 > How long has the project has had mature code.

*About 2 years*


   M.Sc. Geoinformatik Jan Suleiman
   - Anwendungsentwickler -

   terrestris GmbH & Co. KG
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   53111 Bonn

   Tel: +49 (0)228 / 96 28 99 -51
   Fax: +49 (0)228 / 96 28 99 -57

   Email: suleiman at terrestris.de
   Web: http://www.terrestris.de

   Komplementärin: terrestris Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH vertreten durch:
   Torsten Brassat, Marc Jansen

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