[OSGeoLive] [Incubator] Application to host Open Source Project "GeoStyler" as OSGeo Community Project

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 20:56:08 PDT 2020

Jan / Cameron:

Checking in briefly, sorry I have been overset with activities lately and
hope everyone is staying well. The incubation checklist list available for
other members of the committee to work through also; I am quite found of
the GeoStyler project and it is an impressive and useful project.

Indeed because of my (small) contributions it may be best of a mother
committee member has a look?

   1. Be geospatial
      - Confirm by checking README or project description
      - project page on the osgeo website
      - We ask projects have some user documentation, for example an OSGeo
      Live quickstart
   2. Have a free license or an open source license.
      - The license must be OSI approved
      - We ask that the project team check the file headers and double
      check the license has been appropriately applied
   3. Welcome participation and new contributors.
      - We look for a clear contribution policy
      - We ask that the project demonstrate collaboration, perhaps with a
      history of bug report or pull requests
      - Projects are required to have a code of conduct

Reference: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Community_Projects
Jody Garnett

On Tue, 24 Mar 2020 at 15:18, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com>

> Hi Jan,
> Sorry for the delayed response. I'm hoping one of the more active members
> of the incubation committee would speak up.
> Assuming GeoStyler fits Jody's checklist (which it looks like it does),
> I'm strongly in favour of including GeoStyler as an OSGeo community project.
> From what I can see, GeoStyler addresses a pain point that many of us in
> the OSGeo community have faced at some point, and I'd love to see it
> promoted and grow. In particular, I'd love to see GeoStyler included in
> OSGeoLive, http://live.osgeo.org
> The application process here:
> https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeolive/wiki/Projects/How_to_apply. Would you be
> interested in joining OSGeoLive? (Note the ongoing commitment required in
> questions).
> Cheers, Cameron
> On 19/3/20 3:19 am, Jan Suleiman wrote:
> Dear Incubation Committee,
> we would like to introduce our Open Source project "GeoStyler".
> GeoStyler is an Open Source JavaScript library that enables users to style
> maps with the help of a Graphical User Interface.
> The goal of GeoStyler is a universally applicable GUI that works with any
> given style format; may it be SLD, QML, OpenLayers, etc.
> In order to achieve that goal, we follow a plugin-approach where so called
> "style-parsers" can be plugged into the UI. These style parsers work as a
> conversion tool to bidirectionally convert between any external style and
> our internal style format.
> As a positive side effect, we are able to convert from one external format
> to another one (e.g. from QML to SLD, etc.).
> The GUI library is written in react but also provides browser builds to
> enable its usage outside of any react application.
> With thanks to currently 16 different contributors, we successfully
> maintain 15 repositories in our GitHub organisation, including the UI
> library and documentation, different style-parsers, data-parsers, type
> definitions, a demo application and a tutorial. The majority of these was
> also already published on NPM. On the OSGeo Bolsena Code Sprint 2019, a
> GeoServer Community Extension was written that integrates GeoStyler and
> allows the creation of styles within GeoServer by using our GUI.
> The GitHub organisation can be found here:
> https://github.com/geostyler/geostyler
> The Demo Application including links to Docs, GitHub and NPM can be found
> here: https://geostyler.org
> The GeoServer Plugin here:
> https://docs.geoserver.org/master/en/user/community/geostyler/index.html
> FOSS4G 2019 Talk:
> https://media.ccc.de/v/bucharest-204-geostyler-a-generic-graphical-style-editor-for-geodata
> FOSSGIS 2019 Talk (German):
> https://media.ccc.de/v/fossgis2019-478-geostyler-ein-generischer-grafischer-stileditor-fr-geodaten
> AGIT 2019 Talk (German): https://av.tib.eu/media/43048
> FOSSGIS 2020 Talk (German):
> https://media.ccc.de/v/fossgis2020-3027-neues-vom-geostyler
> The licenses are BSD-2-Clause and we are very happy and eager to extend
> the list of contributors. Our first goal would be to be listed on the OSGeo
> webpage and in the long run to release GeoStyler as an OSGeo Community
> Project.
> In the future, we would like to provide additional style-parsers (e.g. for
> mapserver) and extend the UI library with additional components to further
> simplify styling maps.
> We are happy to receive your support, if there are any questions, we are
> happy to help!
> Kind regards
> Jan Suleiman
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> Cameron Shorter
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> Open Technologies and Geospatial Consultant
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