[OSGeoLive] Bug Report

Manfred Amoureux mamoureux7 at gmail.com
Thu May 28 05:45:24 PDT 2020


I am a new user of OSGeoLive and firstly, I would like to congratulate you
for putting together this incredible Linux distro. It is really helpful to
people like me who are in the process of discovering the available open
source geosoftware.

Nevertheless, I would like to report some bugs I have noticed with the
latest version of OSGeoLive 13 (downloaded two days ago) :

Bugs with QGIS :

With QGIS (Desktop or Server), the location of the demo files is in
/home/user/qgis-examples which will only work is your user is called "user".

As a consequence, there is an error with the provided QGIS Server project
at http://localhost/qgis_server/ (no map display).

The files in /home/<my_user>/qgis-examples belong to root and cannot be
edited without a "sudo chown".
When trying to save a QGIS project in /home/<my_user>/qgis-examples, there
is an error "unable to execute the zip file" even after correcting the user
permissions on the folder and the files.

The link provided in
http://localhost/osgeolive/en/quickstart/qgis_mapserver_quickstart.html to
open the WMS URL (
) provides a server exception in response even if /home/user is replace by
the correct /home/<my_user>.

I hope this contribute to your efforts.


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