[OSGeoLive] PerfectTIN 0.5.1 is released — call for testers

Pierre Abbat phma at bezitopo.org
Wed Nov 25 14:46:16 PST 2020

I released PerfectTIN 0.5.1 two days ago. Improvements over 0.5.0 include 
coloring the points when exporting as PLY (this is an attempt to add 
"texture", which some other program wants), exporting as STL, and putting it 
in the menu (it works in KDE and XFCE, I haven't tried GNOME). You can 
download it from the following sites:
https://github.com/phma/perfecttin (source code repo)
https://launchpad.net/~phma-a/+archive/ubuntu/testing (Focal package).

I'd like someone to install it on Focal and try it out, for inclusion in 
OSGeoLive. I made my first Debian package during the sprint and thank Angelos 
for his help.

li ze te'a ci vu'u ci bi'e te'a mu du
li ci su'i ze te'a mu bi'e vu'u ci

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