[OSGeoLive] py3 ML 2020, was ODC OSGeo Community Project

Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 02:24:55 PDT 2020

Hi all,

I had a call with Alex and Kirill a couple of hours ago to kick off the 
ODC application for OSGeoLive.
We discussed about the ODC dependencies and we now have a first 
(untested) debian package in place:



On 9/2/20 10:25 PM, Brian M Hamlin wrote:
> Hi Markus and Alex -
>   the osgeolive 2020 python3 environment is not yet alpha. Already in 
> meetings, there are different ideas of how to build python, between 
> the voting members, and I mean the kind of different ideas that do not 
> overlap much .. there are just different ways to install python3 and 
> they are not the same results or process.
>   perhaps you read the trac ticket #2247, the famous-but-not-famous  
> 'Python and Jupyter' task for osgeolive 2020. the first alpha builds 
> of osgeolive may be quite different, and people are busy .. so perhaps 
> a little bit of positive communication up front will help to avoid 
> distressing or non-overlapping design of python3 libs on osgeolive 2020.
>   miniconda linux is not an option for osgeolive;  straight deb-only 
> install is preferred by the os-level maintainers;  pip has improved 
> multiple times over several years and has signed installs available, 
> and certainly python-only libraries are the least friction.  Security 
> is not the focus of osgeolive, but it is foolish to ignore
>   I welcome your input, and the reason I write is that you two are 
> both aware of the steady and continuing body of MachineLearning / 
> Statistically-driven prediction  and even AI systems of some kinds, 
> expanding from python3.  I can also say quickly that I do not think 
> that a GPU-aware DeepLearning setup is a priority on osgeolive, but it 
> could be done, maybe a side-project.
>   -Brian
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