[OSGeoLive] FOSS4G 2021 Workshop OSGeo SDI

Astrid Emde (OSGeo) astrid_emde at osgeo.org
Sun Sep 12 03:48:04 PDT 2021

Hello all,

looks like the workshop "Setting up a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) 
with Open Source Software using OSGeoLive" will take place at FOSS4G. I 
have no detailed information about how many participants we have.


The Slides from 2019 are here. I would transfer them to revealjs? We 
could integrate them in our documentation if we like and create a pdf 
for download.


Is this ok?

We could update the slides and adopt them to OSGeoLive 14 and 
Argentinia. But I guess the structure is ok.

See you Astrid

Astrid Emde
OSGeo Board Member and OSGeo Secretary
Open Source Geospatial Foundation
astrid_emde at osgeo.org

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