[OSGeoLive] #2361: EFI setup for Ubuntu 22.04

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Sat Aug 6 06:26:47 PDT 2022

#2361: EFI setup for Ubuntu 22.04
 Reporter:  kalxas     |       Owner:  kalxas
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  major      |   Milestone:  OSGeoLive15.0
Component:  OSGeoLive  |  Resolution:  fixed
 Keywords:             |
Comment (by kalxas):

 Latest build:

 $ xorriso -indev osgeolive-nightly-build202-amd64-aa9ef11-efi.iso
 -report_el_torito as_mkisofs
 xorriso 1.5.4 : RockRidge filesystem manipulator, libburnia project.

 xorriso : NOTE : Loading ISO image tree from LBA 0
 xorriso : UPDATE :     666 nodes read in 1 seconds
 libisofs: NOTE : Found hidden El-Torito image for EFI.
 libisofs: NOTE : EFI image start and size: 2128512 * 2048 , 8496 * 512
 xorriso : NOTE : Detected El-Torito boot information which currently is
 set to be discarded
 Drive current: -indev 'osgeolive-nightly-build202-amd64-aa9ef11-efi.iso'
 Media current: stdio file, overwriteable
 Media status : is written , is appendable
 Boot record  : El Torito , MBR protective-msdos-label grub2-mbr cyl-align-
 off GPT
 Media summary: 1 session, 2130802 data blocks, 4162m data, 37.0g free
 Volume id    : 'OSGEOLIVE15'
 --grub2-mbr --interval:local_fs:0s-15s:zero_mbrpt,zero_gpt:'osgeolive-
 -partition_cyl_align off
 -partition_offset 16
 -append_partition 2 28732ac11ff8d211ba4b00a0c93ec93b --interval:local_fs
 -iso_mbr_part_type a2a0d0ebe5b9334487c068b6b72699c7
 -c '/boot.catalog'
 -b '/boot/grub/i386-pc/eltorito.img'
 -boot-load-size 4
 -e '--interval:appended_partition_2_start_2128512s_size_8496d:all::'
 -boot-load-size 8496
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