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Jochen Albrecht jochen.albrecht at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 09:27:52 PST 2022

Is there anyone who has successfully deployed the VM version of OSGeoLive
on a cloud service such as Google, Amazon, or Azure?
This past spring, I had too many bad experiences with the flashdrive
version (tons of BIOS incompatibilities) and so I wanted to create a
classroom of some 25 VMs.
I want students to be able to set up their own personal GIS web servers
(with their VM), hence my need to have 25 instances.
I am struggling trying to determine what combination of RAM, "disk space",
and availability I should choose and the only feedback I got from Google
was an offer that would cost me $1,300 per month for 25 VMs - something
that I cannot afford.

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