[OSGeoLive] desktop beta candidate alpha?

Brian M Hamlin maplabs at light42.com
Sun Jul 17 08:21:13 PDT 2022

Desktop Art people -

   the last nightly build from Athens included desktop artwork, but the 
result is low-contrast. An experiment with the alternate desktop also 
showed problems with contrast.

   The 22.04 desktop base might be sensitive to alpha channel in the PNG 
file.  I removed the alpha channel locally using

    $ convert OSGeoLive/desktop-conf/osgeo-desktop.png -alpha off out.png

you can test any PNG file in the terminal with the $file command and 
look for  RGBA  or RGB  format. Also we can continue to change the 
artwork itself to find a visual solution.

    this is a blocker for the beta1 build, so feedback and solutions are 

    best regards from Berkeley, Calif.   --Brian M Hamlin    / MAPLABS  
/  OSGeoLive PSC

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