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#2355: Install pgadmin or replacement
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Comment (by robe):

 I was hoping phppgAdmin would be a good enough replacement, but it lacks
 the viewing of the extension section, which is where pgAdmin4 shines.  It
 however does allow you to see the table structures which QGIS DbManager
 seems to lack.

 One thought is to just put in a section on using PSQL, which will allow
 for describing extensions, showing structure of foreign tables etc.  But I
 would still keep the pgAdmin4 section, cause I think it's much less
 intimidating to newcomers than PSQL is.  Also if you are using a fairly
 recent version of ogr_fdw, we can get rid of the going to commandline,
 since ogr_fdw 1.1, there is a ogr_fdw_drivers function.

 I'll take a stab and doing an alternative section (using psql instead of
 pgAdmin4), and cleaning it up a bit.
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