[OSGeoLive] #868: QGIS: Permissions on GRASS LOCATIONS

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Thu Jul 28 23:38:05 PDT 2022

#868: QGIS: Permissions on GRASS LOCATIONS
 Reporter:  micha                               |       Owner:  live-demo@…
     Type:  defect                              |      Status:  reopened
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                                                |  OSGeoLive15.0
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 Keywords:  QGIS, GRASS, data permissions, 7.0  |
Comment (by micha):

 Seems to be good now. Making the symlink in user's grassdata to the
 PERMANENT location in `/usr/local/share/grass` was a good idea. Now I can
 create GRASS maps in both GRASS and QGIS.

 I don't see the GRASS special folders in the QGIS browser. I can't find
 any way to load GRASS maps into QGIS. (On my local machine there are those
 special GRASS icons in the browser for all folders recognized as grass

 Should I open a new issue for this??

 Thanks for all your ongoing effort!
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