[OSGeoLive] #2288: libgdal-java needs to be added to the nightly osgeo repo

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Mon Jun 20 04:35:54 PDT 2022

#2288: libgdal-java needs to be added to the nightly osgeo repo
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Comment (by edso):

 > Not building libgdal-java from the gdal source package will make it go
 out of sync quickly.

 shouldn't be an issue, as the gdal version is fixed on OSGeo-LiveCD and
 won't change after release. maybe it's worth spending some effort when
 gdal 3.5 will be used (wrt. to the cmake switch you mentioned)

 > If you don't want to hassle to maintain the gdal packaging changes for
 OSGeoLive, you could download the JAR from Maven Central in
 install_rasdaman.sh or install_openjump.sh

 from my experience, the issue usually isn't the gdal's lightweight jar
 binding, but the JNI, which isn't contained in it and needs to match the
 system's gdal. that's what's currently missing.
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