[OSGeoLive] Not able to test Re3gistry software

Óscar Martínez Olmos omartinez at bilbomatica.es
Mon Jun 27 11:14:30 PDT 2022

Dear everyone,

First of all, thanks to all the community for a great job in keeping
OsgeoLive working, it's an awesome job.

We are interested to see the Re3gistry software in OsgeoLive working as it
was in OSGeo 14. I saw that this project appears as a VM only [1] because
it's an outside OSGeo project and that it is incorporated in OSGeo 15 again
as a VM only. I checked that the install_re3gistry.sh [2] looks good but
I'm not sure why it is not appearing in the nightly version as it was the
link in OSGeo 14 or if this implies that a problem it's happening or I'm
not finding or following the best way to test this. In OSGeo 14 there was
this links for "Start INSPIRE Registry" but I can't find this link anywhere
even that it says in the spreadsheet that the software is included.

I just want to be sure of the best way to test the program and be ready to
help if it's needed.

Thanks in advance for everything.

Best regards,

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