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#2401: ETF not deployed due to ETS download not present
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 Dear OSGeoLive Team,

 thanks for your continuous support and effort.
 Please let us update the ETF status regarding to the VM RC2.

 The .war file produced for the RC2 contains a set of properties to use
 credentials when the ETF uses the Team Engine endpoint from OGC. This
 endpoint will need these credentials at some point before the end of the
 year (OGC provided that deadline) and the ETF will need to send them to
 the endpoint accordingly.

 The ETF .war file present in RC2 seems to be correct, but the necessary
 properties have not been updated accordingly.

 We think that this is caused because the ETF creates a folder in
 deployment time where some stuff like the testdrivers or the configuration
 are present: /home/user/.etf
 We started from the (wrong) assumption that the installation script would
 be executed on a clean VM, but it seems that it was executed on top of the
 previous installation of RC1.

 Then, the ETF.war is actually new (containing the properties), but the
 configuration on /home/user/.etf remains from the previous installation of
 the RC1 (without the properties).

 To prevent this error from happening again we have modified the
 installation script.
 This modification consists in removing this /home/user/.etf folder before
 running the rest of the installation.

 rm -rf /home/user/.etf

 We have included this line in the install_script in the VM RC2, executed
 it and worked properly.

 We have made a PR accordingly, please see it at:

 Thus, in order to fix this issue the install script should be updated and
 executed in the RC2.
 This could be done manually, in case it is needed.

 We remain attentive to your feedback at this regard.

 Thanks a lot for all your support.
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