[OSGeoLive] LAS libraries are going away

Pierre Abbat phma at bezitopo.org
Tue Apr 4 23:43:51 PDT 2023

LASzip and PDAL are still in Jammy, but will be removed from Bookworm. The 
next version of Ubuntu after Bookworm is released will presumably not have 
them either. I have written code that reads and writes LAS files, up to version 
1.4 (editions of 1.4 have increased the set of classes of points, which I've 
tried to keep up with). Would anyone be willing to help me with the following?

*Finding a specification of the LAZ format, or if there is none, reverse-
engineering the format and writing a specification so that I can write code. 
Wolkenbase, the program I wrote the LAS writing code for, reads LAS files in 
random access; this may not be possible in a compressed LAZ file.

*Writing code to read and write waveform data. I have no LAS files with 
waveform data, and they are not important to what I'm doing.

*Turning the code into a library that other programs can use. I've written a 
few C++ libraries, but none that, as far as I know, are used by someone else's 

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