[OSGeoLive] #2153: add r-spatial stars package

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Sat Apr 29 12:45:25 PDT 2023

#2153: add r-spatial stars package
 Reporter:  darkblueb    |       Owner:  osgeolive@…
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  Unplanned
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 Keywords:  R, sf        |
Comment (by darkblueb):

 to all **R** people - **alpha3** of osgeolive **16** is upon us. The R
 install looks like this [0]. Edzer writes a blog post
 [https://r-spatial.org/r/2022/04/12/evolution.html here]. There is
 insufficient disk space for a real RStudio. There is a bit of the
 tidyverse there. What other parts are needed?

 [0]    $ ls /usr/lib/R/site-library/
 DBI/           classInt/    ellipsis/  glue/       littler/    proxy/
 sf/          utf8/
 IRdisplay/     cli/         evaluate/  gtable/     magrittr/   purrr/
 sp/          uuid/
 IRkernel/      colorspace/  fansi/     htmltools/  munsell/    raster/
 spData/      vctrs/
 R6/            crayon/      farver/    isoband/    pbdZMQ/     repr/
 terra/       viridisLite/
 RColorBrewer/  digest/      fastmap/   jsonlite/   pillar/     rlang/
 tibble/      withr/
 Rcpp/          dplyr/       generics/  labeling/   pkgKitten/  s2/
 tidyselect/  wk/
 base64enc/     e1071/       ggplot2/   lifecycle/  pkgconfig/  scales/
 user at osgeolive:~/$ R

 R version 4.1.2 (2021-11-01) -- "Bird Hippie"
 Copyright (C) 2021 The R Foundation for Statistical Computing

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