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#2409: MapServer 8.0 CONFIG
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Comment (by kalxas):

 Copying Seth's comments from the pull request.

 This pull requests includes the following:

     * points to the new updated demo (see https://github.com/MapServer
 /MapServer-demo/pull/7 - a new v1.2 tag was created for this)
     * adds a new CONFIG file required for MapServer 8.0. Move the current
 environment variables from Apache to the CONFIG file
     * adds a new ITASCA setting to the CONFIG file (so it can be used for
 the OGC Features API - can add some notes to the quickstart on this)
     * adds in the new php-mapscript-ng module

 Note these changes haven't been tested with a full build of the OSGeoLive
 ISO, so there may need to be tweaks after a new beta build.


     * the Itasca demo is currently broken until the TEMPLATE value can be
 set via a URL. See
 Once this is merged and backported hopefully there can be a new MapServer
 8.0 patch release used for OSGeoLive?
     * confirm if the PROJ_LIB" "/usr/share/proj" setting in the CONFIG is
 required - or is this the default location anyway?
     * update MS_DOCS_VERSION="7-6" to MS_DOCS_VERSION="8-0" when this file
 is available. It needs to be uploaded to
 docs.zip (see directory contents at
     * it would be nice to include the html-bootstrap4 templates -
 currently only html-plain are added in the UbuntuGIS package
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