[OSGeoLive] OSGeoLive 16

Gandalf the Gray pjduplooy.gis at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 00:46:13 PDT 2023

Hi guys.

The main reason for me using OSGeoLive is the ability to showcase Open
Source Technology to colleagues who have been used  to and using
Proprietary Software.

This ability to showcase what is available in Open Source World by means of
OSGeoLive is a bit marred by the fact that GeoNode is still not working,
after what I feel constant nagging from my side.

When uploading a layer, I get a "Bad Request" or something in that nature.

This has now been happening for the last few releases of OSGeoLive.

Is there any workaround, or how can I make it work?

Sorry for the rant.


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